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A young carer is someone under 18 who looks after someone under 18 who looks after someone in their family or a friend who is ill, or has a disability, or has a mental health problem or an addiction. Carers may also need to look after themselve, brothers, sisters or elderly relatives.


Looking to learn more about what a young carer does? The Children’s Society has written an article outlining some key facts



The Young Carers Service is part of Off the Record and is a free and friendly service, offering support to young people who are caring for a parent or sibling.

If you are aged 7-25, live in Croydon and are caring for someone with a physical disability, mental health issue, long-term illness, learning difficulty or substance dependency, then their service is here to support you. 



Anyone can contact Young Carers to find out more information or to make a referral. You reach the Young Carers Service on 020 8649 9339 (option 2) and by email

If you are a young person caring for someone and would like to know what kind of support is available then contact the Young Carers Service. When you get in touch, they will be able to offer you a Young Carers Assessment to let you know what kind of support is available, what activities are happening and also find out what would be helpful for you.